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My name is Mathilda I live in Limerick and I study in LSAD (Art  college in 4th sculpture)
I would like find 2 or 3 Organic Farmers with who I can work for an  Art Project. For this project I need to do a portrait of Farmers who  believes in alternatives economy.
If you can help me to find people for this project I would be really glade!
Thank you for read this message

Kindess Regards

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Hi Mathilda

Thank you for your email. I think that the best thing for you to do would be to contact the Organic College which is Dromcollogher Co Limerick as they will have students/farmers there who you may be able to work with as it is close in location to you.

If this does not prove to work then please email me back and I can put you in touch with some organic farmers in Limerick.

Kind regards


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