December 2010


Die Weihnachtsgeschichte

Kuratiert von ATAK und Peter Lang

Eröffnung am 6.12. ab 20:00 Uhr
6.12. bis 28.12.2010

Ines Brands

Hannes Hirche
Tobias Jacob
Christoph Koester
Stefanie Leinhos
Tim Romanowsky
Alexander Schmidt

mit DJ ATAK + Nicolausfilme
KMA 36, Bar Babette (www.barbabette.com)
Karl-Marx-Allee 36, 10178 Berlin
U-Bahn Schillingstraße

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Bongoût Gallery - Berlin.

 New York 

Belfast (Ireland)

The M-Machine
2nd December 2010 – 29th January 2011
Project Space

Curated by Ben Crothers

The M-Machine stands in the depths of a dystopian world where man has merged with machine,
nature has become mechanised, and we are constantly surveilled.  The M-Machine draws inspiration
from Fritz Lang’s 1927 Expressionist film, Metropolis, exploring themes of futurism, technology,
surveillance and the city.

The exhibition features works by: Lisa Byrne, Martina Corry, Lydia Holmes, Allan Hughes, Jenny
Keane, Fiona Larkin, Mary McCaffrey, and Lisa Malone.

Image Credit:
Longing No.6,
Lisa Byrne,

November 2010
Berlin (Germany)

D-Rock Productions presents a rare and intimate live showcase of Psycho-Acoustic Sculptures including tracks from the recently released Volume 6 in the cult series. With live real time visual by Marcus Grysczok.


Dirk Markham aka The Hemulen, Drock, dPak, systeme D, Disk is constantly re-reading The Manual by the KLF, which he regards as the only book worth reading. Despite this he is a long way from having a number one hit.
His music is mainly instrumental although occasionally the odd folk-rock song pops up out of nowhere.



October 2010
Paris (France)         


Galerie ZEITGEIST aura le plaisir de vous accueillir à  Slick
 du 21 au 24 octobre sur l'Esplanade du Palais de Tokyo.
Raphaël DENIS


Limerick (Ireland)

Occupy Space are proud to present an exhibition of work by Eoin Francis McCormack and Brian O’Shea. The show is the culmination of a three-week residency in which the gallery became a place of experimentation, creation and exhibition.

The artists entertain themselves with the notion of being “workmen”. Crack of dawn, lunchbox in hand. The work is construction based but a lack of training defines the aesthetic. It is about the ar...t of doing, being busy, looking busy and taking as many tea breaks as possible in one day. Machines, submarines, ghosts, plenty of paint and two workmen. Two workmen who have pig headed devotion by day and whiskey dicks by night.

Eoin Francis McCormack and Brian O’Shea graduated from The Limerick School of Art and Design in June of this year. They are the recipients of the first residency at Occupy Space. They will be in conversation regarding the residency and exhibition on Saturday 4th September at 1.30pm. The show is open daily from 1-6 pm.

Belfast (Ireland)

About the Exhibition
This new set of video and photographic works by Sara Greavu considers
the Halloween carnival in Derry as a crack in the foundation of everyday
society. Through this fissure erupt alternative histories, temporalities and
narratives. The costumed chaos of the masquerade reveals as much as
it conceals, providing a distorted lens through which to view the complex
fears, desires, loyalties and longings of a 'post-conflict' society.

About the Artist

Sara Greavu is an artist and curator who lives and works in Derry.
She received her MFA from the University of Ulster in 2006 and is currently
completing a practice-based PhD at U.U. entitled Unmasking the Halloween
Carnival in Derry: Identity, Temporality, Politics and Polyvocality. She uses video, photography, sound and sculpture in her practice.

Sara Greavu will be at the London Art Fair in January 2011.

Berlin (Germany)
 Izis Paris des Reves
29 octobre 2010 – 16 janvier 2011
à l’Institut français de Berlin


JUN 2010
Rennes (France)

Les ateliers de Rennes
up 18 juillet 2010

"The posthumous end as physical prolongation" (2010).
Photo © Frédéric Huyghe.

Live and work in Barcelona.
From simple and poor
materials, the group develops Aggtelek sculptures, installations and architectural forms ephemeral.