Nov 8, 2009

About my artwork

I'm facinanted to the representation of silence. To represent silence I used two colours black and white ( like a music note) (ref Robert Ryman) My work is abstract and a little bit surreal... ... I love the exploration and experience of surrealism. Louis Bunuel. Maker of "Le chien andalou" a surrealist short film. Which is totally abstract, sparked my love for this medium. This is a medium I would love to explore more in the future. In my work I use cardboard, paper newspaper, china ink, black pencils, white acrylic paint aswell as wood, engraving wood. Firstly I paint the wood white and having allowed the paint to dry fully I engrave my designs a scapel. In order for the spectator to view my work as intended the spectator must be very close to the piece to view the detail of the cracks, like the work of painter ,Agnes Martin. After seeing the work of Agnes Martin I realised the importance of meditation and combination of ideal geometry. After reflection on my own work Capitialism, todays economical situation and the writtings of Adam Smith especially "La richesse des Nation" this translates to..... influence the new direction of my work. The elements currently inflencing my work are productivity and perfection in todays society. An investigation of the form of the line and its connection to the production line that is "normality" I realised that the line is not the perfect geometric form as it too breakable. To me the circle is the perfect geometric form, as it is unbreakable. I came to this realisation when drawing a single circle in the centre of the page. I Would like to reproduce the exact same circle, but I know that this is impossible, as is to human drawn circles are the same. I tried again and again to produce the same two circles, but this is unsuccessful. After five or more atempts my mind is blank, I have no thoughts, I am like a robot, unlike a human. After this continous movement of drawing circles for over a hours not only is my mind numb but whole body. This feeling is a very strange experience for me, but a feeling I would like to develop in my future work.
Artists I like
Agnes Martin, Robert Ryman, Sol LeWitt,Paul Gauguin...
History, religion, politics, the world in these areas of life, death and writing all of languages communicating ...

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