Feb 4, 2010

Artist Statement

         My work is to preserve the present, make it stronger and more resistant.
I am a member of "The lost generation" and in todays climate the future is very uncertain for us. I feel that society has made a sacrifice of the lost generation, as they believe that we are over educated and underexperieced, and this is preventing enployment. For me, this once again shows the circle in society where we begin and where we end, without any control of the situation.
What exactly is my aim when taking objects from the street and preserving them in resin?
Is it beautiful or chemical preservation?  Is it research based on observation?
For me, it's a way to preserve time and stop it; the present is where I want to be today.
As Gauguin says "Where do we come from?What are we? Where are we going to?" I too ask those questions.
There are influences on my work this year from last year, and this continues throughout.
My individual pieces of resin objects have now amounted to 35 pieces. The pieces vary from paper to personal objects, such as cigarettes or chewing gum.
I love preserving them in resin to represent us as a society and living in the present.  I also have a need to stay in the present because of my fear of the future.

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